At Koondrook Primary School we are aware of the need to live in a sustainable way, to help ensure that our environment and resources are used wisely, in order that future generations can enjoy the place in which we now live.

We do this through our partnership with Resource Smart, The Stephanie Alexander Garden Program, Walk/Ride to School Programs and other programs offered through the Gannawarra Shire and the Koondrook Community.

 When opportunities arise we work with our Indigenous Communities to recognise and learn of their ways of caring for our land and environment.

We have embedded the use of natural materials and Reduce, Recycle and Reuse in our everyday teaching.

As a part of our curriculum we investigate waste, energy, water, biodiversity and the need for the care of our waterways and land.  Living near the Murray River and being a farming community we know that we need to care for our people, land and waterways to ensure our community flourishes.

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