Physical Education & Health

The Physical Education program at Koondrook Primary School provides a range of experiences for all students.

The Victorian Curriculum identifies motor skills that are essential for primary school students to master. Students are taught the components of each skill, game strategies, how to work cooperatively and how to accept winning or losing. 

The Foundation and Grade 1 students learn basic motor skills through PMP ( Perceptual Motor Program). The Grade 2 to 6 students continue to develop their motor skills and apply these skills to game situations through weekly Physical Education sessions and Friday Sport.

We are fortunate that the children have access to a variety of professional coaches and are able to participate in a range of clinics, for example, cricket, hockey, tennis and golf. 

Every year all students participate in a 10 day swimming program. 


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Cluster Sport

Throughout the year students also participate in carnivals against the cluster schools for cross country, athletics and swimming. From these events, selected students can then go on to represent the school at local, district and national events. Children in Grade 4 to 6 have the opportunity to participate in the Lightning Premiership where cluster teams are formed to play football, netball and t-ball against other district schools.

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Term 1 - Murray Plains Cluster Swimming Sports

Term 2 - Cross Country, Lightning Premiership (Years 4/5/6-Netball, Football and T-Ball)

Term 3 - Murray Plains Cluster Athletic Sports

Term 4 - Swimming Program, T20 Cricket (Years 4/5/6)