Become Involved

Koondrook Primary School encourages involvement from parents, friends and community members. There are many ways in which you can be involved and contribute to your child’s education, such as:

  • volunteering in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program
  • helping run the Perceptual Motor Program (PMP)
  • listening to children read
  • supporting teachers in the classroom
  • coaching & helping at sporting events e.g. Swimming Program, Swimming Sports & Athletics
  • volunteering for Friday Sport
  • gardening and grounds maintenance

If you wish to help at our school please speak to the principal – Amanda Bradford or your child’s classroom teacher.


Working with Children

Volunteers at our school must obtain a Working with Children Check. The Working with Children Check is a minimum checking standard set by the Working with children Act 2005 for those who work with children. To be a volunteer at the School a Working with Children Card provided by the Department of Justice is required. The card is valid for 5 years & free of charge for volunteers. The process for gaining a working with children check is quite simple and free for all volunteers and can be done online. If you require help with the application, please come and see us.

School Council

The School Council provides a forum for the needs of the local community to merge with the Government’s responsibilities in state education.

Responsibilities include:

  • Determining the education policy, goals and priorities of the school through the Strategic Plan and the Annual Implementation Plan
  • Approving the school budget
  • Maintaining and improving buildings and grounds
  • Reporting annually to the school community and DET
  • Fundraising for a variety of school purposes

School Council is composed of eight members elected by the parents of the school, and four members of staff. This council is the governing body of the school and is responsible for the maintenance of the school buildings and grounds, the allocation and spending of government grant monies, curriculum policies, the welfare of pupils and teachers and the future planning and development of the school. Elections are conducted each March at the Annual General Meeting of parents.

School Council meets every third Monday of the month at 7.00 pm. All welcome.

School Councillors 2020

PRESIDENT Dale Laursen


SECRETARY Cassie Altimari




Cassie Altimari

Sophie Lake

Bernie Monaghan

Amanda Bradford


Dale Laursen

Tim Millard

Stephen Ralston

Tracy Brennan

Courtney Dean

Leah Ryan

Mates Royal Hotel Raffle

Parents are rostered on once a year to the Mates Royal Hotel Raffle in small groups. A roster is sent out at the beginning of the year and reminders are published in the school newsletter on a weekly basis. All money raised from the raffle goes directly back to projects within the school and the students needs.

Working Bees

Working Bees are held regularly at the school to maintain the school grounds and gardens as well as support projects. Working Bees will be advertised in the school newsletter.

Parents’ Club

This is a voluntary organisation, which operates with the School Council in its activities and also provides help for the school in numerous ways. It is a major fundraising organisation and has enormous benefit in the provision of teaching aids and other equipment throughout the school. New parents will be made most welcome. Children do well when they see the school and parents cooperating and membership of the Parents’ Club provides an excellent opportunity for social interaction with other parents. We are always looking for new members.